Adesh was the 29th King of D'ni.


He was born in 5500 and took the throne at the young age of 49. He was mature for his age and he also took advice from the prophetess Trisari (who had also served his Uncle). Adesh was apparently a religious man but not an especially accepting man.

During his reign appeared the prophet Gish (5574) and began preaching, similar to what Tevahr had done years earlier, but unlike Tevahr, Gish praised only the words of Yahvo. He preached against the Great King Ahlsendar and Tevahr, the priority of taygahn, and interaction with the outsiders.

Despite Adesh denounced Gish's words and arrested him numerous times, Gish had been an extremely popular figure, and his persecution only encouraged him. That was until, in an apparent fit of rage, Adesh ordered the Relyimah to kill him. Some think it was Trisari who convinced him so. As Manesh write in "The Followers" the decision was most likely the worst of his reign as it caused extreme outrage at the King as well as the official church. This action fullfilled the words of Gish, that taygahn justified diobeying the laws of Yahvo, in this case, a murder.

Gish became a martyr and became even more popular. Adesh's attempts to draw his people back were futile. Adesh was assassinated in 5701, by one of his close advisers according to rummors. His first-born son Lanaren succeeded him to the throne.