The most prominent island of the D'ni lake, and the heart of the D'ni City. The island is said to be over a mile high, somewhat resembling a jagged tooth rising up from the lake.


It is sometimes referred to as the City in Myst Online: Uru Live, as Ae'gura is the oldest part of the D'ni capital. The rest of the city is then referred to as the City Proper. In the game, on the player's bookshelf a "city" book links to locations on Ae'gura.


It was populated by the D'ni people from early on, obviously by the elite.

Much private construction begun on Ae'gura, including J'taeri District in 775.[1]

The Island was set out for the elite until King Kedri visited the island and saw that the common people was not there. In 3702 he established the Shamathen District, more affordable for the lower D'ni classes.[2]

King Me'emen recommended an underground tunnel that would connect the Island to the D'ni city, minimizing the need for boat travel. Most of the Guilds and the upper classes protested.[3] However King Emen established a public ferry system the City and the islands.[4]

King Lanaren attempted to resume Me'emen's plan. He pushed the project between 5714 and 5734. Again the project was halted due to protests by Guild Masters claiming environmental concerns.[5]


In 2000, in preparation to opening parts of the D'ni city to the public, the DRC moved to Ae'gura and their headquarters to a building there.[6]

A page found on Ae'gura, adds stars to Relto.[7]



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