Age 37 was an age written by Gehn. It is the first inhabited age that Gehn's son, Atrus, was allowed to visit.

Landscape and Commodities[]

The island of the 37th Age was on a shelf of rock far above the underwater crust, which led to the island being surrounded by dark currents and a mist, or "Whiteness", where the warm water near the island met with the cold water of the ocean. The island itself had a lagoon fed by the sea. The village was built on the shores of the lagoon.

The people of the 37th Age supported themselves mostly by eating fish and seafood.


Cold, impassionate Gehn named his worlds only with a number, based on the order in which he wrote them. This age was the 37th that Gehn wrote in his quest to be ruler of a million worlds. The 37th Age was the first inhabited Age Gehn brought his son, Atrus, to.

Gehn had left Atrus on the 37th Age for a short time with 20 different passages copied from the 37th Age book. He gave Atrus the task of observing the Age and deciphering how what he observed corresponded with the passages given.

Atrus lived with an old woman for a time as he carried out these observations and befriended some of the people of the 37th Age. Once, when Atrus joined a fishing trip, he asked the fishermen to row out to the mist, and the dark currents almost destroyed them.

Religion and Worship[]

Before Gehn arrived in the age, claiming that he had created the 37th Age and all of its people, the inhabitants worshiped the mist that surrounded the island, calling it the "Whiteness". When Gehn discovered this, he wrote a change making the ocean warm, and the mist disappeared. From that point forward, he banned use of the word "Whiteness".

Later, after Atrus wrote his own age, they returned to the 37th Age for a "God Ceremony", where Gehn would announce Atrus's godship. When they returned, the ocean and the lagoon was gone; even the rain could not bring any water to the lagoon. The ceremony was a mess, and Gehn left, saying that this experiment had failed.

Back in D'ni, Atrus begged Gehn to fix the 37th Age, to remove the changes he made that destroyed it. Gehn, in his anger, did so, but when Atrus returned he found the link to the 37th Age was broken and he found a very similar Age, but one in which Gehn and Atrus had never arrived, referred to in this encyclopedia as 37b, though never named in the Book of Atrus.