Ailesh (50 BE - 300 DE) was the second King of D'ni.


He was born on Garternay. He was not a member of the Guild of Writers, but from a young age he became an apprentice to the famed writer Ri'neref who was dismissed from the Guild. He assisted him in his work on the Book of a new Age. When the Ronay evacuated their world, Ailesh, and others loyal to Ri'neref left for D'ni.

With the establishment of the new Guild of Writers in D'ni City in 8, Ailesh was named the first Grand Master by King Ri'neref. As the Grand Master, he composed, along with Ri'neref, the Oath for the Guild of Writers.

In 120, King Ri'neref passed away; with no heir apparent, he named Ailesh his successor at the age of 170. While king, he modeled his life after his predecessor and their reigns were similarly smooth and calm. He proved very popular, as the D'ni people were still excited for the new ideals and laws that separated them from he old ways of Garternay.

He refused to build a palace for himself until a Common Library was built and opened, so that the common D'ni could have access to the various Ages. Despite a few small disagreements, this altruistic goal was completed in 233, and the Library was opened, though he still refused to build a palace.

Ailesh had two sons who were fairly rebellious and according to public opinion neither seemed appropriate for the throne. But as his third son, Shomat, grew, it became apparent to them that he shared his father's philsophy. Indeed, Ailesh chose Shomat to succeed him.

Ailesh passed away in the year 300 at the age of 350 of natural causes.