The 31st King of D'ni.


Born in 5945, Asemlef was the fifth and youngest son of King Lanaren. He took the throne in 5999 at the age of 54. During his time the D'ni people were technologically advancing with many great construction, mining, and scientific inventions, thanks to which they were expanding within the Cavern. The involvement of the outsiders was diminished.

During his time, the D'ni were philosophically confused between The Watcher, Gish and Tevahr. Asemlef continued the peaceful trends by welcoming everyone and any beliefs they might have had. He allowed any and all religious factions equal access to property and government help. Asemlef himself took no stance on any of the varying ideologies. While disregarding no beliefs, he held his own in private.

According to common opinion and historical records, Asemlef used numerous servants (most brought from outside Ages) and apparently held challenges with them, such as hunting them for sport or staging gladiatorial battles between them. There was little public outcry against these practices, whatever they actually were.

Asemlef focused on mining expansion, construction of new districts and offering equal opportunities of culture and social benefits to all classes. He publicly argued that the order from his father to all the Guilds was not realistic and that outside involvement would always be needed to some extent. To calm the more extreme factions that would be angered for this stance, he publicly invited them to his palace (being the first King to do so) for numerous talks on the issues. Although no decisions were made, the meetings apparently created a better overall feeling that the two could come to a decision in the future.

Asemlef had three sons. He passed away in 6284 at the age of 339 leaving the throne to his youngest son, Jaron.