Atak was a D'ni (read: Ronay?) who lived "before the time of Ages" and was the apprentice of Varsil, whom he treated like his son.

He was the only one who stayed loyal to Varsil as everyone else ridicued his Art. Thanks to Atak, the latter wrote Dania, a Food Age to bring an end to a famine that plagued his people for 3 generations. pmce je completed the link, they visited the Age, but Atak looked his master worried, knowing his desire for princess Dania.

King Clevis didn't give the hand of his daughter to Varsil, and he wanted to avange their people for the ingratitude. He linked to a volcanic Age in order to burn his books so that their people would starve, and rely only on Varsil and Atak to write new ones. Atak followed him with a crossbow and shot his hand. Varsil assured him that he will no stop writing as long as he can see; as Atak would not kill him, he blinded him with his bolt.

Atak thus saved their people without having to kill Varsil. The people saw him as a hero, but he remained sad for what he did to Varsil. He linked away and never returned.

Atrus recalled the story of Atak pondering about the price he might pay for the compassion he showed to his father, letting him live stranded in Riven.[1]