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The Bahro are a sentient race of creatures who live within the cavern home of the D'ni. They were introduced in Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and continued appearing through Myst V: End of Ages and Myst Online: Uru Live.


The story line in Uru follows the player's quest to release an individual Bahro from some indeterminate form of captivity. Since the Bahro themselves are capable of linking to any age, this suggests that they are not in any sort of physical captivity, but rather a metaphysical one. Furthering this interpretation, Yeesha tells the player that they have freed the soul of a Bahro at the end of the game. The game suggests that the Bahro were the original inhabitants of the Cavern (whom the D'ni displaced by claiming the Cavern) and that the D'ni somehow managed to enslave them, though the details are never made clear how.

Myst V: End of Ages continues Uru's story of freeing the Bahro from their slavery to the D'ni.

Currently, in Myst Online: Uru Live, the Bahro are said to be having a civil war, having been divided into Factions.

Appearance & Personality

The Bahro are depicted as vaguely reptilian bipeds, moving in a hunched position they can walk on either two or all four of their main appendages. They are also capable of flight, having retractable wings. Their exoskeleton is dark grey in color, and their eyes are a small, glowing blue. The Bahro do not appear to have mouths on their but are capable of making sounds, including chitters, squeaks, and trademark "Bahro Screams".


The Bahro are capable of linking to any age.

The slates used in End of Ages are of undisclosed origin, but the symbols, part of a glyph-based language, that the player draws upon them are decidedly Bahro. The Bahro are in some way required or forced to do what the symbols say. This system highlights the massive power of the Bahro, as some of the symbols required to complete the game make the Bahro do things like modify the weather, speed up time, and create geothermic disturbances. It can also be noted that the bahro are afraid of snakes, and will never appear in a place with snakes or the symbol of the snake.

Notes & Trivia

  • In the D'ni language, the word "bahro" means "beast people", and is considered a derogatory term. The D'ni generally used it to refer to those who were not of Ronay decent.
  • The term "Bahro" also appears in The Book of D'ni. In the novel, the term is applied to a race of human slaves who originate on a different Age than the race who enslave them. The novel climaxes when these slaves rise up against their masters and take over their society.
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