The twelfth and youngest King of D'ni who ruled during the outbreak of Ahlsendar's Plague.


Born in 2050, as the son of King Gan, he took the throne at the age of 20 after his father's short rule and untimely death. He was the youngest King ever in the history of D'ni.

Behnashiren was inconsistent in everything, including his stance on religion. While he was of no help to the Healers or Chemists, which were working hard to find a cure, Behnashiren himself in some speeches, begged Yahvo for healing, while in others, he sought for help from The Tree, while some of his speeches he accuses the Guilds of "shallow efforts" and "failing their own people."

It was said that there was never any control or leadership from the throne and this caused most people to turn to religion seeking trust and hope. Many factions and cults were created, with messianic figures and healers. Those who held faith that any cure existed outside of miracles and/or special potions were few and far between.

The mortality and infertility was so high that not only Behnashiren had no descendants but also he had trouble choosing an heir from his own staff. As a result, he chose his 179-year-old uncle Hemelin to take the throne after his death. Behnashiren himself died in 2193 at the young age of 143.