Bevin is a neighborhood in the D'ni cavern, part of the "city proper".  It is a mirrored layout of Kirel, with different lamps and a more yellowish hue.  It is the first place to visit on the way to obtaining a KI.


Little is known of Bevin during the era of the D'ni.  Its design and layout were quite popular, as similar neighborhoods were built all around the cavern.  It was here that players could make their way to the Nexus, and as such, into Ae'gura and other parts of the cavern.


  • Fountain Area - You link in here.
  • Auditorium - Upstairs from the fountain area.
  • Light Garden - Downstairs.
  • Book Room
  • Classroom - Next to the book room, the door on the left (it will be marked).
  • Egg Room - Next to the book room, the door on the right (unmarked).

The Egg Room[]

This room functions as sort of a "private chat room".  By closing the door while inside one of the booths, the player cannot be interrupted by KI chat of any sort outside of the room.  Anyone inside the room with the player can still have their text seen.  Voice chat is also disabled while the door is closed.  The door reopens on its own after a given amount of time.

Note that using your Relto book while the door is closed will glitch the KI and keep the private chat effects activated until you reset the game!

Collectables Checklist[]

  • Relto Page (Islands) - Found down by the light garden.  Jump onto the "stump" on the one side and look at the side of the window nearby.  It can be very tough to see, so look carefully.  Note that in MOULa, this page appears and disappears at random in various hoods.
  • Ae'gura Bahro Stone - Using this will link you to your hood instance of Ae'gura and add a page for the link to your city book.


  • Bevin itself is differentiated from the various "Hoods" on the Nexus list, as there is only one original Bevin.  The other hoods appear similar to Bevin, but are not the original hood itself.  There has been much debate over this topic due to the fact Cyan had changed "Neighborhood" to "Bevin" (Avatar Name's Bevin instead of Avatar Name's Neighborhood) for MOUL to shorten the names of each hood.  During MOULa, after many requests, this was changed again to the shorter "Hood" (Avatar Name's Hood).  Many of the custom neighborhoods changed to this wording while some of the default DRC hoods remained as "Bevin".