A radical faction or cult, one of those that were against Outsider contact and often acted against the King of D'ni.

According to the records of the Relyimah, the cult was behind the abduction of King Ishek's wife in the Age of Yimas (other sources indicate it was the Light of D'ni instead) in order to discredit the Outsiders.[1]

During the reign of King Demath, one of their leaders was Goshen, until he was imprisoned in 4815 in a Prison Book. A key member of the Relyimah had joined the Blood of Yahvo and was secretly aiding them. The cult abducted the son of King Yableshan and requested Goshen's release. The Relyimah were unable to find anything so Yableshan was forced to release Goshen, but the cult assassinated his son nonetheless and thrown outside the Palace.[2]

In the following years, Faresh dicovered two moles in the Relyimah, who then were summarily eliminated.[3] Published sources don't mention the cult after that point, so possibly they were disbanded by Faresh.