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Crater Island (also known as Boiler Island or Book Assembly Island) was one of the five islands of Riven.

Gehn dedicated it to the construction of books; fell trees are sent from Jungle Island on mine cart. As such, the place was probably the base of the Guild of Bookmakers.


This island is dominated by a volcanic crater turned into a lake with opaque toirquoize waters, betraying its depth. In its center, Gehn had built a pump that harnesses underground steam and directs it to power one of three devices: the wood chipper, the boiler, or an ytram trap in the cliff above.

From the beach, a ladder led to a path along the cliff. The path led to a building with a trap for frogs that live in the underground caves, a rotating Fire Marble Dome and to Gehn's Laboratory; it ended up to the Draw Bridge that lead directly to the Golden Dome of the Temple Island; the bridge is originally raised.

Places of interestEdit

Wood Chipper
It is situated near the lake shore and powered by the pipe switch in the lake. Logs coming from Jungle Island are dumped down onto a slide that leads to a crushing device that turns the wood into shavings.
Also situated near the lake shore and powered by the same switch, it is the place where wood shaving are put. A furnace heats the water to remove the fibers from the wood. After this, it can be pressed into paper. The side of the boiler has controls that turn on/off the furnace, fills/drains the tank, and (with a reroute by the valve switch) raise/lower the floor grate. The bottom of the boiler leads to a pipe that ends up to the cliffs far above.
Fire-marble dome
Situated hidden in a cae, under a hole in its roof. It is marked with the symbol for PURPLE.
Gehn's Laboratory
Originally it is locked, but it is connected with an air condit that ends up to the ytram trap. It is the original headquarters of Gehn, where he conducted several experiments and observations on Rivenese water, kept jars with conserved ytrams, a furnace for unworkable Descriptive Books; most importantly it is where he keeps his journal. It leads directly to the tram station.
Tram station
Built on the soundern end of the island, it is accessible only from Gehn's Laboratory, and thus used privately only by him. It houses the tram to the Survey Island.