The top part of a cannen as found in the 233rd Age

A cannen was a D'ni device for recording sound and playing it back. Thanks to its simple technology, Gehn was able to reconstruct a crude version himself on his 233rd Age and could record himself playing a maral-obe.[1][2]


  • Riven
  • Uru: To D'ni - In Uru: To D'ni, a Relto page can be obtained which places a cannen in the hut in Relto. It plays the music from the original Uru Live trailer.
  • In the above, explorers can also add their own music to the cannen by adding it to a folder in the game files.
  • Myst Online: Uru Live - In Myst Online: Uru Live, a Relto page for the cannen is available in Descent. It plays Gehn's theme from Riven. A cannen was also placed in the Kadish Gallery. Activating it does not play any music, but another song (the theme from the Gallery) is added to the cannen in Relto.



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