Catherine's First Age was an Age written when Catherine was an acolyte of Gehn on Riven.

The Dream of Katran[]

Catherine's first Book was crafted after her dreams. When Atrus first reads it, he claims that it cannot exist as it is full of contradictions and breaks every rule of Writing. He does not believe her when she says that she goes there and is quickly proved wrong when she makes him link there.

While there are no people living on this Age, it is full of firefly-like insects of gold and red and other fantasic, dream-like creatures that are "merging and re-forming, constantly in movement, constantly, it seemed, in transformation" on the Dark side and butterflies on the Light side.

Atrus notes that the air had the smell of lemon, pine, and cinnamon. The rock making up the Age was glassy but had the feel of wood and smelled of roses and camphor

The Light and Dark Side[]


The dark and light sides

There were two sides to the Age: a light side and a dark side. The dark side is where one first links to. The light side is accessed by a tunnel that led downwards and eventually curves around and exits on the light side. The water on this side drains through to the dark side, thus creating the upward flowing water cascade.

Atrus sees the age as showing the two sides of Catherine's nature.