Clevis was a D'ni (Ronay?) King and descended from a long, ancient line of thousand Kings. When he ruled, D'ni (Garternay?) suffered by a famine since the time of his grandfather. His daughter was the beautiful princess Dania.

The Writer Varsil presented to him a Food Age which he named Dania, that would solve the famine problem and Clevis told him to choose his reward; Varsil asked the hand of Dania, which enraged Clevis, saying that marrying a commoner would be no different than marrying a base animal. He would take his head for this affrontery, if not for the service he did for their people.

Varsil was mad with bitterness and planned to raise an army of Outsiders to kill Clevis and succeed him. His apprentice Atak stopped him, in order to save their people.[1]


Clevis was created for the 1977 Myst comic issue. His background differs significantly from the canonical history set later by Uru. The Kings of D'ni didn't include anyone named Clevis, and furthermore the dialogue suggests that there were a thousand other Kings before him, whereas the line of the Kings of D'ni was significantly shorter. This article assumes that Clevis was a King of Garternay.