A building in the D'ni city that housed the D'ni Council.

King Naygen constructed a new Council Chamber over the Tomb of the Great King beginning in 2502. The proposal was met with little opposition, mainly by the official Church who registered a complaint. Even a prophetess of Naygen supported the proposition. Within two years, the Tomb was barely visible. The Chamber contained a secret vault, protected by puzzles, where Naygen had stashed his royal wealth. Naygen apparently became enamored with the mystical patterns of the Tomb and spread them throughout the unseen portions of the chamber as well as the seen. [1]

Tevahr criticized that the Council Chamber and other government structures now covered the Tomb of the Great King as a symbol of what the D'ni had become.[2]

Kerath recommended new renovations and additions to the Council Chamber and construction of a new Guild Hall, meant to celebrate their new power: Thus in 6970 the Tomb was further buried under massive buildings dedicated to government and the Guilds of D'ni.[3]