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What is D'ni? What is this kingdom? I have read of D'ni the people, I have lived in D'ni the place, I have spoken D'ni the language.
~ Phil Henderson

The D'ni (D'ni spelling: D'nee meaning "New Beginning"[1]) are a civilization that once existed in an underground cave system on Earth. The people of D'ni were practitioners of the Art, a skill that allowed them to write books that could transport them to other worlds, called Ages.

The original D'ni civilization was destroyed by Veovis and A'gaeris, with the majority of the D'ni people perishing in the catastrophe that they orchestrated. Some D'ni survived to the present day, however, and Atrus, the main character of the Myst series, is one-quarter D'ni.


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Notes & Trivia

  • The name "D'ni" was originally spelled "Dunny" in early material related to the first game, signifying the pronunciation of the word. Richard A. Watson noted that this word means "toilet" in Australian English,[2] and perhaps that was the reason it was dropped.[1]
  • During the production of Myst V, actor David Ogden Stiers suggested to pronounce the name as "duchnee" instead of Dunny, and Rand Miller gave his approval, despite being inconsistent with what Stiers and Miller always used already (and what is known about the D'ni language). Watson joked that Esher's pronounciation can be explained as a result of some speech impendiment (caused by being bitten by the snakes in Noloben).[1]