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The descendants of the Ronay who had the technology to travel between Ages. They escaped the destruction of Garternay and came to Earth, inhabiting a subterranean Cavern for millennia.

Physical characteristics[]

Compared to humans, the D'ni had "a strange elongation of the features, that almost-human fineness to the bones". Their nose and mouth was less thick and coarse, with cheekbones much less pronounced.[1] Their eyes were pale, accustomed to the weak lighting of the cavern and had to wear goggles when in exterior environments.

The D'ni had a lifespan that spanned 3 centuries. Lanaren, the longest living of the Kings of D'ni, reached the age of 396.

However owing to the women limited fertility (only one yahr every two vileetee), they rarely had more than 4 children (King Veesha with 5 children was considered an exception). Pregnant women were believed to be much more insightful and part of the pregnancy experience was religious meditation to gain revelation and guide themselves to the child's future and is purpose.[2]

A child entered Guild education at the age of 5. When a child reached the age of 25, the Ceremony of Readiness celebrated the entrance into the Age of Reason. True wisdom came around the age of 125 when a D'ni reached the Age of Wisdom. It appears also that a woman's fertility ended around that age.[3]


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