This page is about this wiki. For more information about the civilization D'ni, see D'ni.

D'ni is a wiki about the civilization of D'ni and the Myst series. Our main goals are...

  1. To create a complete guide to the D'ni Language. This includes...
  2. To assemble a complete History of D'ni.
  3. To create a guide of the Citizens of D'ni and their culture.
  4. To create a guide of knowledge of the Myst series, including...
    • A description of all the ages visited and mentioned in the games, as well as those in the novels
    • A look at the characters from the series

Although not its primary purpose, the wiki also gathers other information, such as...

  1. Data about non-Myst games of Cyan Worlds, and information about Cyan itself.
  2. Guides and solutions for the games in the series.

If you have any general questions about this wiki, please contact us.