Welcome to our community portal. If you would like to help us out at D'ni, there are many guilds that you can join to help keep our Wiki in tip-top shape!

Guild of Writers

Users in this guild make articles for pages found under Special:Wantedpages as well as creating other useful articles under the main name space for the wiki.  They also help expand the content in pages found under Category:Stubs.

Current Goals

  • Get a good database of Characters in the series
  • To get an extensive list of all Ages with descriptions
  • To get plot descriptions and articles for all six Myst games, as well as the three novels.


Guild of Maintainers

Do what is known as gnome work on the wiki. This includes: searching for and reverting vandalism, fixing up grammar and spelling, and patrolling recent changes.


Guild of Linguists

Users in this guild are concerned specifically with D'ni Language. Specifically the D'ni Alphabet, D'ni Grammar, and D'ni words.

Current Goals

  • To get a good amount of words in the Dictionary
  • To get all the D'ni grammar rules in the grammar section


If you have a suggestion for a guild that would be helpful for this wiki, please let us know.

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