D'ni use a special language to communicate as well as to write books.

Written Alphabet Edit

Below is the D'ni Alphabet in alphabetical order (the order below):

Dni Alphabetical Order

Sounds Edit

The D'ni alphabet is comprised of 35 phonetic sounds. Each sound is represented by its own letter. Each letter has a specific way of being written, necessitated by the similarity of certain letters, although some non-standard ways have been attested. The letters are essentially calligraphed versions of the associated numerals. There are twenty-five base phonetic sounds, five stressed consonantal sounds, and five elongated vowel sounds. The sounds are:

Numeral Glyph IPA Pronunciation
D'ni0 D'ni ' ə a as in away
(after consonant)
ʔ Glottal stop
(after vowel)
D'ni1 D'ni v /v/ v as in very
D'ni b /b/ b as in ball
D'ni2 D'ni t /t/ t as in tall
D'ni3 D'ni s /s/ s as in salt
D'ni sh /ʃ/ sh as in cash
D'ni4 D'ni j /dʒ/ j as in jug
D'ni g /g/ g as in get
D'ni5 D'ni y /j/ y as in you
D'ni6 D'ni kh /x/ kh as in Scottish loch
D'ni k /k/ k as in kid
D'ni7 D'ni ah /ɑ/ ah as in father
D'ni i /aɪ/ i as in die
D'ni8 D'ni f /f/ f as in fight
D'ni p /p/ p as in pick
D'ni9 D'ni ih /ɪ/ ih as in fish
D'ni ee /i/ ee as in teeth
D'ni10 D'ni eh /ɛ/ eh as in fret
D'ni ay /eɪ/ ay as in ray
D'ni11 D'ni r /ɹ/ r as in race
D'ni12 D'ni m /m/ m as in meat
D'ni13 D'ni th /θ/ th as in thumb
D'ni14 D'ni dh /ð/ dh as in this
D'ni d /d/ d as in dog
D'ni15 D'ni h /h/ h as in horse
D'ni16 D'ni o /oʊ/ o as in home
D'ni oy /ɔɪ/ oy as in toy
D'ni17 D'ni ch /tʃ/ ch as in chew
D'ni18 D'ni w /w/ w as in well
D'ni19 D'ni uh /ə/ uh as in cut
D'ni oo /u/ oo as in moo
D'ni20 D'ni ts /ts/ ts as in tsetse
D'ni21 D'ni l /l/ l as in lay
D'ni l2
D'ni22 D'ni a /æ/ a as in hand
D'ni23 D'ni z /z/ z as in zip
D'ni z2
D'ni24 D'ni n /n/ n as in new