The D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) is a group of people who assert responsibility for, and authority over, restoring D'ni and its Ages. The DRC consists of archaeologists and other researchers, and also occasionally contracts third parties.

The headquarters are located in Carlsbad, New Mexico, not far from the entrance to D'ni. (Google Maps map; Yahoo! Local Maps map)


Restoration, the DRC's main task, consists of five phases which incrementally document the progress of making an Age suitable for general access again.

Safety controversyEdit

The DRC claims that the restoration process is very prone to safety problems, and must thus be slowed down do a point where accidents can be minimized. Many consider this policy unreasonable, and some theorize a conspiracy on the DRC's part to monopolize access to areas.

As a result, various explorers frequently attempt to break traffic cones and down barriers installed by the DRC.

In general, while DRC members have certainly done a sizable amount of research, their authority is highly questionable. They are unrelated to the D'ni, and, until the discovery of Esher, had no actual conversations with surviving D'ni people.

Explorer communicationEdit

The DRC is frequently criticized for its limited communication with explorers. That said, they do send out broadcast KI messages, albeit irregularly. DPWR has an [1] of all messages since late 2006.

Uru (OOC)Edit

The DRC primarily plays a role in Uru. Many journals from DRC members and contractors can be found, and a lot of areas were sealed off by them. In Uru Live, the DRC even appear as avatars that make announcements and can be interacted with.

In reality, the journals are written, the barriers set up and the characters acted by Cyan employees.

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