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Direbo, called a "resting age", was written by the D'ni scribes for travelers to other ages to sit and relax. The age is minimally used in Myst V: End of Ages, only travelled through to get from D'ni to the other four ages of the game.


Direbo links to four other ages: Taghira, Todelmer, Noloben, and Laki'ahn, by use of slates. It links to D'ni by four books, each on a different island of the age. Each of the books linking to D'ni link to a different area of the great shaft and have a different slate on each island corresponding to the book. The player must go through this age a minimum of four times on their play-through of Myst V.


Direbo consists of four small islands in a large swamp. Surrounding the swamp are what look to be pillars of rocks slightly resembling the large pillars on Todelmer and lily-like aquatic plants. Connecting the islands are small bridges with two locks, one on either side of the bridge. Once the The Stranger has been to both sides of the bridge, he can freely pass over the bridge to the two books and slates on each side.