Douglas Sharper

Douglas Sharper was one of the first people to come to D'ni who was not associated with the DRC. He had a major role in the restoration effort, including being given control of Teledahn and various city structures.

Despite having official sanction to work on restoring D'ni, Sharper often went behind the DRC's back and hid books, secretly gaining access to closed-off areas, and holding protests against the DRC. He also went on Yeesha's Journey with Phil Henderson before any other restoration engineer or DRC member had. Because he so often went against the DRC, he eventually lost access to the city structures he had been given. When the DRC abandoned their restoration efforts, he stayed behind in D'ni and remained largely silent. He decided to get the Great Zero running, knowing that the DRC had multiple links inside of their Private Ages in Kirel.[1]

In March 2007, Cate Alexander summoned him to investigate the apparent decimation of animals in Negilahn. In late May, he witnessed a battle between different Bahro factions and vowed to avenge the untimely death of Willow Engberg. He admitted to killing a "good" Bahro while being attacked by an "evil" Bahro. He was the first to alert explorers to the false sense of security in the Cavern because they were unknowingly being protected by "good" Bahro against "evil" ones bent on destruction.

On November 6, 2007, he departed for the surface and has not yet returned.