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Eder Gira is a volcanic scrap of land, dotted with steam vents (some of which seem to be used as an energy source of some kind) and a very out-of-place waterfall. A number of awkward bone structures dot the landscape, and a series of inter-connected dark passageways run through the back ridge, behind the waterfall. Small, manta-ray-like creatures can be found swimming in the pond below the falls, and baskets arrayed around the caves in the rear of the Age indicate that at one time this Age may have featured fishing as a distraction from everyday life in the Cavern. The focus of this Age is the linking book to its sister, Eder Kemo.

If Yeesha's choice of an entry of Regettavok Oorpah, and the overall state of the Age, are any indication (especially in comparison with what can be seen from the waterfall that flows from the main pond of the Age), the accessible parts of Eder Gira are an example of an age which had its resources almost exhausted by the D'ni.


Garden Ages such as Eder Gira were known to have been placed in D'ni Neighborhoods throughout the Cavern as a way to escape the pressures of everyday D'ni life and get a breath of fresh air. This Age was written during what the DRC has labeled a "Garden Binge" period around 8100 DE. The latest information from the DRC in this regard has definitively closed the debate on whether Gira and its sister Age, Eder Kemo, are Ages which date back to the time of King Shomat, who ruled in the early 300's.

DRC Age[]

The DRC has made very little impact on this Age visually, and records are very sparse as to their opinions on the Age or its general status. A strange Linking Stone - likely placed there by either Yeesha or one of the Least, connects this Age to the DRC research station atop the Tokotah Rooftop in D'ni, but beyond that, the DRC seem to have no connection to this Age.

"When all is taken from one, the only hope that remains is what is given by another. Through this giving, both are redeemed." - Regettavok Oorpah; Book 2, Entry 1071, Item 54.