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Eder Kemo is the sister Age to Eder Gira, and is a very lush and wet Age. Featuring a few separate areas, this small area is host to a number of alien fauna and a couple of strange living creatures. One of the living creatures is a swarm of buzzing fireflies (almost), which buzz about a small orchard; a few will even follow you if you get close enough. The other living creatures are these strange, small scorpion-looking animals, which hang onto the walls, looking down, almost sloth-like in their movements. Thunderstorms pass through about once every fifteen minutes, but only last a minute or so. While walking around during the dry moments, you'll notice a large number of wall-carvings, all of which are very interesting. Some seem to show an enslavement, of black figures being herded around by black-figures with red bands. Next to that picture is a strange depiction of a giant mechanical structure, possibly even a spaceship. Walking around more, some of the other pictures appear to display a battle between a large monster and a giant robot, and an exodus, maybe, or a large celebration. Some of the drawings resemble the ones also used to depict the Age of Ahnonay, but the current relationship between both ages is unknown.


Garden Ages such as Eder Kemo were known to have been placed in D'ni Neighborhoods throughout the Cavern as a way to escape the pressures of everyday D'ni life and get a breath of fresh air. The Age was written around 8100 DE, during a period which the DRC have labeled a "Garden Binge".