The 27th King of D'ni.


He was born in 4931 and married the younger sister of King Yableshan; he was his youngest brother-in-law. As Yableshan's only son was assassinated, Emen was chosen as his successor and took the throne in 5081 at the age of 150.

Faresh discovered two moles of the Relyimah and two years after his coronation, they mysteriously disappeared and were never seen of again. This became well-known in the highest circles of government and Faresh became a silent hero in the key members of the government. The factions now knew they were being watched, and were again quieted.

In 5093 two members of a cult known as "One D'ni" were proven guilty for the explosion that had occurred years earlier on Meanas. Both were permanently imprisoned. At the same time, Emen and the Guild of Caterers announced the completion of two new food Ages, Shimas and Hereas known for a large variety of native fruits and vegetables; one of them was run solely by outsiders, and produced new food sources that had never been tasted in D'ni before.

In 5095, Emen decided to sell over 23 islands of the government property to private citizens (mainly of the elite) who could afford the heavy price tag, and wished to build on them.

After the mysterious death of Faresh's daughter and the giving of his mansion to the Relyimah, it appears that Emen himself often made visits recommending a number of renovations (tunnels etc...) that he thought would aid them in their cause.

In 5202 Emen approved a public ferry system aiding the access between the D'ni city, The Island, and the surrounding smaller ones. Emen gave one of them to the Minor Guild of Artists, Musicians, and Actors who turned it into a Cultural Center.

Emen died in 5240 at the age of 309, leaving the throne to his first-born son, Me'emen.