Everdunes is an Age written by Atrus.

While writing it, he imposed harsh conditions, high temperature, and no surface water, to form arid lands with similar to those around the Cleft.

Despite this, nature thrives under the barren dunes, both vegetation and animal life. A subterranean plant structure opened up small areas of oxygen which are colonized by tiny animals and insects.

On his first visit to the Age, Atrus discovered the subterranean world when his foot sank in to his knees. He was amazed at how the underfined elements "between the lines" that create such diversity.[1]

Thanks to the temperature, Atrus was performing Crystal Viewer tests on that Age.[2] When Sirrus and Achenar were still little, they met Pran and her people, who were menaced by the Chochtic. They lived in Channelwood when they learned that Pran died..[3]

Atrus's Everdunes journal was almost completely destroyed, but a small excerpt has been rescued.