An official during the reign of King Emen.


Faresh was a member of the Guild of Illusionists, which was a cover of the Relyimah. Faresh was said to be a proper guildsman, more inerested in the illusions rather than the secret group. When it was suspected that the Relyimah had cultists in their ranks hindering their investigations, King Yableshan placed him in charge of the Guild, with the orders to uncover the moles.

Starting in 5043, Faresh immediately put into action a plan to clean up the Relyimah. He also began construction of a house on the private Katha island that blatantly demonstrated his love for illusions.[1]

After the uncovering of two moles, Faresh became a silent hero in the key members of the government. Elite officials were often seen at parties in his mansion and rumors of "puzzle rooms" and "secret halls" grew throughout the city. The mansion became one of the more talked about buildings in the entire cavern causing wealthy D'ni to request permission to build on the many islands around the D'ni city.

In 5102 his daughter died mysteriously; official City Guard records said she awoke in the middle of the night, claiming to see spirits, and jumped from her bedroom window. Some thought the house was haunted while others (mainly government) thought she might have been a target of factions. In the Watcher's "Words", there were numerous references to "dreams" and "mourning in the streets" which many interpreted to describe the death of Faresh's daughter. Such a public event caused many to begin to study his words again, resulting in a new philosophical chaos.

In 5103 Faresh left the house unable to live with the memories of his daughter. The house was given completely (and secretly) to the Relyimah.[2]