A piece of D'ni technology, actually a stone charged with with a great amount of energy. It is combustible but can be extinguished by water. Polished well, it produces bright light and can be used as a light source in special lanterns.[1] Fire-marbles came in various sizes (as big as clenched fists[2]) and they radiated light of different frequencies (like blazing blue-white[2]).

Fire-marbles were put to be suspended from tunnel ceilings to light the work during excavations.[2]

The anniversary of the finding of the Book of Birenni was celebrated by re-enacting the search for the books by hiding fire marbles in homes and Ages for children to find.[3]

Gehn had access to fire-marbles while stranded on Riven. While he couldn't use his books, he found out that fire marbles had such an enormous surge that could suppress the variance and hold a Descriptive Book in a stable matrix. After some modifications to the fire-marbles he managed to link to Age 233.[4]

Gehn also created a power system on the top of the Great Golden Dome that powered the rotating domes around Riven; it required fire marbles of various colors to be placed in the right combination on a grid, each representing a rotating dome on its specific location on each island.[5]

Fire marbles of various colors were on the top of each "reflecton pole" of J'nanin, as well as the path that lead to the Greenhouse.[1]

Atrus used fire marbles. His study in Tomahna had such lanterns. It was with one of these fire marbles that Saavedro threw and started a fire.[6]


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