A piece of D'ni technology, actually a stone charged with with a great amount of energy. It is combustible but can be extinguished by water. Polished well, it produces bright light and can be used as a light source in special lanterns.[1] Fire-marbles came in various sizes (as big as clenched fists) and they radiated light of different frequencies (like blazing blue-white).

Fire-marbles were put to be suspended from tunnel ceilings to light the work during excavations.

The anniversary of the finding of the Book of Birenni was celebrated by re-enacting the search for the books by hiding fire marbles in homes and Ages for children to find.[2]

On Riven[]

Gehn had access to fire-marbles while stranded on Riven. While he couldn't use his books, he found out that fire marbles had such an enormous surge that could suppress the variance and hold a Descriptive Book in a stable matrix. After some modifications to the fire-marbles he managed to link to Age 233.[3]

Gehn also created a power system on the top of the Great Golden Dome that powered the rotating domes around Riven; it required fire marbles of various colors to be placed in the right combination on a grid, each representing a rotating dome on its specific location on each island.[4]

Gehn's pipe also operated with fire-marbles.[5]


Sketch of the stones that light the underground gallery.

The Moiety also made use of some stones that lit when touched. The underground gallery of the Jungle Island were lit with a series of those lamps. Their light was required to find the hideout of the Linking Book to Tay.

Use under Atrus[]

Atrus used fire marbles. Fire marbles of various colors were on the top of each "reflection pole" of J'nanin, as well as the path that lead to the Greenhouse.[1]

His study in Tomahna had such lanterns. It was with one of these fire marbles that Saavedro threw and started a fire.[6]