The eleventh King of D'ni.


Born in 1871, the older son of despotic King Me'erta, Gan despised his father's weaknesses and lack of judgement and it is rumored that it was him who poisoned the King. He took the throne in 2015 at the age of 144. Gan was not convinced of the greatness of the Great King Ahlsendar, or Yahvo but was far from the despot his father was.

The "sins" of his grandmother Jolatha who broke the seals of the Tomb of the Great King consumed his reign and he never had the chance to do much: six months after his coronation the first signs of Ahlsendar's Plague began to show themselves, and the Guild of Healers discovered that the plague was an evolved version of the disease used earlier to destroy the Pento. This caused the public to cast most of their blame for the illness on the Great King.

Despite the infertility rates Gan managed to have a son, Behnashiren, in 2050. Having ruled the shortest of any King in D'ni history (55 years), Gan died twenty years later at the age of 199.