Gehn's Scribe was one of the Rivenese who served Gehn during his rule on Riven, becoming one of his ministers.[1]


The Scribe in the Mag-Lev

He was doing some business on Survey Island when The Stranger was exploring the underground path towards the Throne Room. The Scribe ran to the Mag-Lev depot, quickly turned the vehicle around and left for the Jungle Island.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The Scribe was played by Tony Fryman, production manager of Riven: The Sequel to Myst.
  • The Scribe's appearance is a very obscure moment in the game; his features, gender or role can't be easily seen on the screen. Depending on the route the player follows, it is possible to meet him altogether, or choose not to follow him. Even if the player attempts to follow him back to Jungle Island, it's impossible to catch up with him, so he doesn't appear again. The book From Myst to Riven describes the character as one of Gehn's ministers, and shows clearer shots of him, revealing the character as a bearded individual.
  • The scene where the Scribe boards the Mag-Lev tram was filmed with Fryman being filmed on a turntable, rotated at an approximate speed as that of the car; with the help of cross-hairs Fryman was the placed properly in the CGI car. The glass windshield of the car was rendered as a separate shot and applied on top of the image, giving the illusion of a window, and the actor behind it.[2]


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