Master Geran was a Guild Master of the Guild of Surveyors.

Though blind, he was the most integral member of the excavation team of the Journey to the Surface. He was responsible for the "sounding" of the rock, to determine the nature of the rock that lay ahead.

One day, in his sounding capsule he and his assistants located a patch of igneous material, magma-based basaltic rocks from a narrow fault line. He had to send 10 times a signal on a line before determining that it was the root of a volcanic system.

That night, he was at Master Telanis's cabin with the emissaries the D'ni Council. He explained that the surrounding low-density rock would be ikely to collapse and he recomended to circumvent the area, much to the dismay of the Observer Master Kedri. Telanis decided to move back and across and ordered Geran to arrange the survey at once.[1] However, just before the Great Shaft was finished, an earthquake caused Master Geran to fall off of the equipment to his death.

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