A figure prophecised in the Regeltavok of Oorpah. The Great King would arrive from the King's Arch, sent by Yahvo to guide the Ronay. Ri'neref was a great believer of the Regeltavok and when he led his people to the Cavern, he built the Regeltovokum, a place of worship as well as a reminder of the prophecy.[1] King Ja'kreen had the King's Arch rebuilt in the Cavern to allow for his passage. He also built the Temple of the Great King.[2]

It was during the Pento War when Ahlsendar, recognised as the Great King, was born directly under the Arch. During the occupation of the D'ni city by the Pento and the Judges of Yahvo the D'ni people believed the prophecies were coming into fruition. When Ahlsendar grew up he came through the Arch and fought off the Pento and the Judges. He was recognised by all as the prophecised Great King but his reign was not without controversies. After exterminating the Pento, he sealed himself in the Temple, thereafter known as the Tomb of the Great King, lying that he would return.[3]

His adviser, the prophetess Nemiya, denounced his words and called him a fraud and an imposter. In The Book of Nemiya she explained that he was responsible for the devastation of the Pento, he betrayed his people and he would never return. It resulted to a growing tide of disharmony, anger and doubt.[4] The prophet Gish who preached belief in the commands of Yahvo, also talked against the Great King. He declared that Ahlsendar had used the false theology of taygahn as an excuse for his atrocities.[5]

By the time of Rikooth, the people had abandoned the views of Ri'neref and the Great King and now followed those of various prophets and teachers. Hisha was a believer of Gish and the fallacy of the Great King. Her son Kerath had decided that a King was no longer the correct way, until the true Great King would come.[6]