The branches of the Great Tree grow without end, yet the Maker knows them all.
~ Proverb from D'niGuild.com

Known as Terokh Jeruth in D'ni language, an allegorical term of the multiverse, visualized as a tree of an infinite number of branches. The Great Tree was created by Yahvo the Maker.


Probability waves contain all of the possible states of a matter, so, on a quantum level, states of matter exist in many states simultaneously, until one of the state is observed and the probability wave collapses.

The D'ni concluded that even after observation, the probability waves don’t actually cease to exist, but each possibility continues to exist in an alternate quantum reality, until that also is observed ad infinitum, consisting an infinitely complex "tree of possibilities". Every infinitely possible quantum combination exists somewhere in a quantum reality (stable or unstable, viable or unviable), branching like branches of a "great tree".

The Ronay mastered the Art, making Descriptive Books that somehow allowed observation of (thus the locking of) and travel to those quantum realities, which they called Ages.[1]