Guild Master (D'ni: tel nahvah) was a senior rank in the Guild hierarchy system, second to Grand Master.

The capacity and responsibilities of the rank is not known, but the name suggests expertise and possibly taking one or more apprentices. Within his own craft, a Master's word was as law. They had mostly supervisory roles in their Guild or were assistants to the Grand Master. Few of them were elected to the Council.[1] It is not known how many Guild Masters there were in a Guild. Possibly a Grand Master was selected from the available Guild Masters.

Most Guild Masters did not agree with Lanaren's demand to rewrite the Ages that were operated by outsiders knowing that the plan would take years and years, but nonetheless they agreed to attempt it. However later they protested about the King's plan to connect Ae'gura with the D'ni City proper, halting the project.[2] It seems that many Guild Masters lived in the elite districts of Ae'gura.

On Riven, Gehn maintained the rank in the Rivenese Guilds.[3]

Guild Masters who survived the Fall of D'ni migrated to Releeshan. They aided Atrus with the construction of his second Crystal Viewer.[4]

Known Guild Masters[]

Guild of Archivists
Guild of Legislators
Guild of Maintainers
Guild of Stone Masons
Guild of Miners
Guild of Architects
Guild of Healers
Guild of Writers
Guild of Miners
  • Unnamed Guild Master, assassinated by King Tejara
Guild of Surveyors
Guild of Mechanists