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A Minor Guild established by King Lemashal in 3961. Although it included members, like Faresh, who were purely interested in the art, in reality the Guild served as a cover for his secret security body, the Relyimah.


Lemashal purposely asked the D'ni Council for approving the new Guild (although he did not need it to order its formation) so as to distract the public from the real nature of the Guild by generating debates. He gave a speech to the Council arguing that illusion is a valid form of entertainment, and that the Guilds of Actors, Painters and Musicians had not been really necessary to exist. He pushed the Council until the Guild was approved in 3961.[1]

King Yableshan put a guildsman, Faresh, in charge of the Guild in 5043.[2] Faresh was effective in uncovering cultist moles within the ranks of the Relyimah.[3]

The Relyimah were disbanded in 5986.[4] It is unknown what happened to the Guild; if it was not also dissolved, it possibly remained as a purely artistic Guild.