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One of the Major Guilds of D'ni. They were responsible for the building projects around D'ni city.

The Minor Guild of Architecture was a branch of the Guild.[1]


King Ja'kreen was a Guild Master in the Guild, and planned the reconstuction of the King's Arch (598-625), headed by the Guild Master Koris. His other plan was the building of the Temple of the Great King, according to the prophecised specifications mentioned in the Regeltavok. Records from the Guild of Stone Masons indicate that his odd demands angered some who worked in the construction.[2]

Another member of the Guild was King Hinash, who tried to push interest in the mining and construction technologies. His second son was also a member of the Guild. His plans were not met with much enthusiasm, but set the foundation for great expansion that his son Needrah would pursue.[3]

King Demath forced the Major Guilds to accept some "scholarship" students who passed entrance exams but could not afford their ever-growing fees. Demath's reformation proved wise, as it was the first non-paying students of the Guild of Stone Masons that headed the effort to devise an early fusion-compounding technology (4826). At the public announcement, Demath praised the Guild and the numerous opportunities that all citizens of D'ni now had to benefit their society.[4] The Guild worked with the Miners on that technology and in 5307 they revealed that created Nara, the hardest of all D'ni stones.[5]

Another product of the Guild was Deretheni (5236) the start of much improved construction techniques.[6]

After the Fall[]

The Guild survived the Fall of D'ni or was re-established on Releeshahn. Atrus tasked the Guild to build a linking Chamber near his bedroom in Tomahna, in which the Linking Books of Spire and Haven were kept, linking safely from these Prison Ages.[7]