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The Guild of Surveyors (D'ni: telook or telokhlooktahntee[1])was one of the major D'ni Guilds. Their color was pale blue.

They were charged with surveying and mapping new Ages (apparently after being approved as viable by the Guild of Maintainers) and establishing the Great Zero and the line emanating from it. Additionally, it was the Surveyors who were planning and constructing new areas or tunnels within the Cavern; apparently they worked in cooperation with the Guild of Miners.

They employed Ages, such as Minkata, as a training ground.


The Guild apparently existed on Garternay. It is known that Ronay always sent groups of surveyors to explore new Ages and establish the Great Zero. This was the case with the Cavern written by Ri'neref.[2]

Although not mentioned, it's obvious that the Guild upon its establishment saw its most significant action during the building of the D'ni City, and perhaps the ventilation system.

The Guild looked into the expansion of the new Uran District.[3]

King Jaron pushed the Surveyors to work together with the Miners, the Mechanists, and the Engineers to create new drills and machinery, the Rock Biter and The Burrower.[4]

One of Jaron's sons was Guild Master. Under orders from his brother, King Rikooth, the Guild surveyed a new cavern resulting to the expansion of the D'ni city.[5]

The Surveyors worked in the construction of the Great Shaft. Aitrus was a member of the Guild, later a Guild Master and representative on the Council.

On Riven[]

While on Riven, Gehn reestablished the Guild as one of the 5 Guilds of Riven. In one icon in the Beetle Room, they are represented as a man studying and measuring the islands of Riven. Apparently their base was the Survey Island.

Gehn considered sending the Surveyors to catalogue the Moiety wooden spheres on the Jungle Island.[6]