"Never be discouraged by a mistake, Atrus," my grandmother Anna always used to say. "Strive to learn from it instead, and you will achieve great things."

Today on Haven, I saw my grandmother's words come true. The broken ship merged into the causeway near Haven's coastline is exactly what I'd hoped it would be: a promise of intrigue and adventure so palatable, it made my own heart race with excitement to see it. I thought of how much fun the boys I'd met in Stoneship Age -- Emmit, Branch, and Will -- would have had playing in it, and almost wished I could bring their children here to do so.

But Haven must remain off-limits to all, if it is to become the prison world I wrote it to be.

My sole foray to the Age has proved it to be capable of supporting human life, though of course none exists there at this time. Much of Haven's interior is comprised of a dense, tropical rainforest which is obviously teeming with beasts. I saw several as I explored, though they usually kept their distance.

A few of the fruit-eaters did stare at me curiously as I made my way under their nests. No doubt, having never encountered a human being before, they did not think to fear me. They might even have summoned up the courage to become friends, had I stayed there any longer.

Alas, I could not, for the weight of urgency was upon me. Having convinced myself of the need to protect my Myst library should some overly greedy explorer stumble onto it, I felt it necessary to link home very quickly. Taking only a few brief minutes to watch the sun set over Haven's freshwater lake, I swam out to the middle and linked away.

By now the linking book I used will have sunk under water and been destroyed. Consequently there remains but one task to finish before I can sleep. I must write two additional linking books tonight -- one for Haven, and one for Spire, my other prison Age -- then place them on display in the library. I shall also have to warn Sirrus and Achenar to stay away from them. And tell Catherine, of course, when all is finished.