Heek is the name of Gehn's dart-gun.[1][2]

Gehn sometimes is armed with it when wandering about; he was exploring outdoors in the Age 233 when The Stranger linked there; seeing the notification, Gehn returned to his building, and placed the heek on the side of his desk.[1]

Someone hit with the darts slowly lose their senses and black out.


From Myst to Riven provides some D'ni words written in D'ni letters, however the first D'ni letter is mistakenly written with the D'ni character for J, therefore reading "jeek". Richard A. Watson confirmed that it was a mistake and the correct form is "heek".[3]

Although not mentioned, it is possible that the gun is an evolution of the blowing darts used by the native Rivenese, which utilise poison extracted from the ytrams.

Gehn uses the heek a couple of times against the player, for example when they hesitate to use the Trap Book, or notifying Atrus without/before trapping Gehn, in which case Gehn kills his son.