The thirteenth King of D'ni.


Born in 2014, Hemelin had been a Guild Master in the Guild of Healers. He lived during the height of Ahlsendar's Plague and was extremely angered over public opinion of his Guild. Hemelin was fairly convinced that a cure lay in the Books of Old, and he had been encouraging the Healers to look there, seeking the Book of Birenni. However, his nephew King Behnashiren had been hesitant to allow access to the Books.

Behnashiren, including his associates, had no heirs, and he chose his uncle to succeed him. Hemelin took the throne in 2193 at the age of 179 and made it his mission to make sure that a cure was found. Some say he exhibited more power and authority in the throne in one week than his nephew had in 123 years.

In 2255, Hemelin became extremely ill and the prognosis was grave, although the Healers continued to try and prevent death. During his days in the sick bed he met Lalen who helped to care for him and, Hemelin found himself living just to see her again. Lalen must have felt the same way and the love seemed to give him new will to live. Hemelin recovered and for the rest of his days he praised Lalen for saving him. Not only that, but Lalen also found the Book of Birenni.

A drink was developed that prevented the body from contracting the illness even when directly exposed. Six years after the discovery, the Guild of Healers, let by Guild Master Jaysem, considered the plague cured leading to tremendous celebrations. On this day in 2262, King Hemelin and Lalen wed in a grand ceremony. As a result, the day became a day often chosen for marriage in later years.

Hemelin seemed to be a fairly devout follower of Yahvo and often claimed that only Yahvo would heal them, not the "other gods" that his people were seeking. Though Hemelin tried to use the end of the plague as a tool to encourage his people back to Yahvo, it did not seem to succeed. Instead, there seemed to be a newfound love of the culture itself: of the arts, of technology, of the further exploration into the "truths" of the universe.

In 2270, the first post-plague child, Naygen was born, and Hemelin promised to give him the throne as a symbolic gesture "...of hope and celebration."

In 2350, the Minor Guild of Miners, following the encouragement of Hemelin, announced their plans for drastic improvement in mining methods and technologies.

Hemelin left an upbeat. Directly before his death at the age of 342 in 2356, he wrote in his journal that his culture was "rather dazed". He was succeeded by Naygen, as promised.