Tay Hive


The Hive is a massive sphere structure that is sitting on the big tree-trunk of Tay. The main feature of the Agem growing by the lake, perhaps was written by Catherine as a reminiscence of the Great Tree of Riven. The Hive has inside several rooms where the Moiety dwell. It is seemingly organic and it is not clear if it grew on the trunk or was artificial. From outside it is a window-pocked sphere sitting on the trunk, with smoke rising from its top.

Tay HiveInterior

Inside the Moiety hive

The Hive is hollow and it seems to houses an ecosystem of smaller trees on which are sitting round huts, as miniatures of the Hive itself; suspended walkways connect the cluster of huts, much like the Rivenese mud-hut village of the Jungle Island. The Moiety made their homes there.[1]

The Stranger was captured and taken to a spare mud hut in the Hive with a bed, a table and a wooden cup. From its window there was a view to the Hive interior.



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