A piece of technology that allowed the recording and display of visual messages, not unlike holography. The D'ni people possessed that technology as well as the Amad on the Surface (possibly after some undocumented contact with the former).[1]

Riven Temple

The gigantic imager in the Temple, where Gehn projected his image from his throne.[2]


The imager in the Riven classroom.

233 GehnRoom

The imager in Gehn's room with Keta's message.

Gehn possessed an Imager (possibly of Amad technology) where Keta had left him a love message. He carried it over to Riven and then to Age 233. On Riven, Gehn adapted the D'ni technology to mimic that of the Amad and created several Imagers.[1] One could be seen in the school of the Jungle Island where a hologram of Gehn gave a formal greeting to the students, while another of gigantic proportions was installed in the Temple of the Temple Island, obviously to command and intimidate the Rivenese.[3]


Atrus's dimensional imager in Myst.

Atrus had an Imager in the form of a pool basin on Myst island, which he used for topographic displays and also to leave messages to Catherine.[4]

The top level of the tusk in J'nanin had an Imager where Atrus had recorded mesages instructing his sons while teaching them The Art. The Imager was triggered only after his sons completed some of their tests. Saavedro overwrote most of these messages while preparing his revenge against Atrus.[5]


Achenar's holographic device in Channelwood

An Imager was also to be found in Achenar's hut in Channelwood, perhaps constructed by Sirrus (and/or Achenar). Obviously Achenar used it to command and intimidate the Tree-dwellers, with his face or mouth appearing above the torture tool in the Temple. Achenar could record his messages with this device in his room. Sirrus used it to leave a message to him.[4]

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