A Guild Master of the Guild of Writers.

During the Journey to the Surface he was sent on a Messenger, along with Master Kedri and other emissaries, as an Observer for the D'ni Council, and arrived to an eder tomahn.

A few days later he and the other Observers were at the refectory when Aitrus told them that the next phase was about to begin. The Observers were in the chart room of the second excavator watching the other boring a tunnel. Aitrus told him that they shouldn't go out before cleaners sprayed the dust with water. Having donned protective suits, Aitrus toured them as crewmen worked on the tunnel and demonstrated to them the use of a Cycler and the fusion-compounder. Returning, Ja'ir wondered with Kedri if there would be humanoid surface dwellers, and if this speculative venture was worthy of so much time and efort.[1]


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