The fourth King of D'ni.


Born in 475, Ja'kreen was the son of a close friend of King Shomat and a Guild Master in the Guild of Stone Masons. Following the suggestions of his prophetess, he chose Ja'kreen as his heir, and he took the throne in 555 at the age of 80.

He publicly stated plans to re-build the King's Arch and construction of the Temple of the Great King. The Arch was completed in 625, in a day of great celebration as it marked their first century on Earth and because of the prophecies, allowed for the passage of the Great King.

Specifications for the Temple were recorded in ancient prophecies, mostly in the Regeltavok of Oorpah, and Ja'kreen made sure that each was followed through to the last span, ignoring the complaints that its dimension were "rather odd" and "exorbitant". According to records from the Guild of Stone Masons, he managed to anger some who worked in the construction. It was finished in 643 and Ja'kreen ordered the transfer of the gold throne from the Regeltovokum Ri'neref had built to the new Temple of the Great King.

In 654, Ja'kreen's wife gave birth to a son, J'taeri. Unfortunately, the boy only lived for ten years before dying of a rare disease with extremely high temperatures and extremely sore and brittle bones. It was not 10 years after the death of the boy that Ja'kreen's wife passed away, also at a young age.

He remarried in 700, and his second wife gave birth to a son Veesha in 717, followed by two daughters.

It was Ja'kreen who encouraged further private construction for The Island in 775, including the high-class J'taeri District, in honor of his dead son.

The tragedies seemed to have had a devastating affect on Ja'kreen and in his later years he had completely rejected religion, he was known to be easily angered and extremely harsh. It seems he was never able to get over the death of his son and first wife and rumors spoke of abuse toward his younger children, though nothing was ever proven. As one of the prophetesses who advised him, wrote in her journals, "He never seemed to really love or appreciate any of them...." though he did leave the throne to Veesha.

Ja'kreen died of natural consequences in 812 at the age of 337, allegedly a very sad and unsatisfied man.