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Jalak, often referred to as Jalak Dador, is a game age. The arena sits in the middle of a marsh and consistσ of 4 open ended walls with many square columns in the middle that can be manipulated to rise or lower and create shapes.[1]


The DRC found no writings explaining the purpose of the Age or the original rules for the games played, suggesting that the game was so common, or that the rules were open-ended. The DRC made up and suggested a couple of games, and encouraged explorers to create their own. Some of the ResEngs used the Age as a construction sandbox, building castles, or for other activities.[2]

It is not known how this came about, but Jalak has some of the same wildlife as Earth, such as the screaming piha.

The Game[]

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • The official and correct name of the Age was Jalak, however the name Jalak Dador persisted, being an joke that perhaps started by Ryan Miller[3] ("Jalak Dador" sounds like "D' ya lock tha door").