The cook of the excavator where Aitrus served.


In his youth he trained in the Guild of Surveyors. He spent about 20 hahrtee specializing in stress mechanics. He found the heat and presure enchanting, the meeting of ice-chill water eeting superheated rock, resulting to new formations. Later however he realized he was ill-suited to the ways of the rock and became a cook. However even years later he remembered what he learned. Because of his experience as a skilled geologist he came as a cook in the excavator for the expedition to the Great Shaft. Some found him foolish but he used to overhear things in the ship. He admired young guildsman Aitrus for his exemplary keenness.

One night he saw him staying up late and offered him to bring him his evening meal to the office, as he tended to forget to eat. Telanis asked for Aitrus and Jerahl promised to feed him, then send him to the Master's cabin. He brought him freshly baked chorbahkh and ikhah nijuhets. He noticed that Aitrus was studying a basaltic glass of tachyltye, his interest in volcanism, the will to control this power that formed the spirit of the D'ni people. With these words he told Aitrus that Telanis wanted to see him.