The 24th King of D'ni


Born in 4402, Ji took the throne in 4438 and during a tenuous period within D'ni over the outsiders and religious principles, he proved himself an immature and weak King.

According to government records, Ji from the start of his reign was overtaken with his new palace life and the luxuries it afforded him. Undecided and unconcerned over the real issues, it was said by a few Grand Masters, in private journals, that Ji would whole-heartedly agree with their strategies and plans, and then agree with their challengers an hour later, making them most frustrated with him

The lack of progress and complete frustration for most of D'ni resulted to signs of division once more. The once unified religious beliefs showed signs of splitting, the once unified D'ni classes began to separate into rich and poor, and the once confident "Rulers of Worlds" began to wonder whether they could rule even themselves.

Adding to the confusion, were the "Words" of The Watcher (written in 4500) about a great destruction of D'ni and the signs that would come with that. Many claimed that the book was seizing upon the chaos of the day and dismissed it as rubbish, while others seemed to be rather intrigued.

Although the prophetess advisor spoke strongly against it, Ji was married in 4502 to Milane, a woman who had been married three previous times. The marriage ended in 4527, making Ji the first King who had taken a divorce.

Ji remarried in 4565 to a woman 100 years younger, something culturally excepted. There were rumors (which she denied) that she was the daughter of The Watcher. Nonetheless she was very interested in his writings and convinced Ji to do the same. In 4645 she vanished. Those still wanting more strict guidelines pertaining to outside involvement claimed that Outsiders took her; some said Ji had murdered her, and one of his gardeners who claimed he witnessed the murders; others said she had returned to her father, The Watcher.

Ji married for a third time, one of his own prophetesses he had sought for advice, marking another first for a King. The two were married until Ji's death in 4692, 290 years old. He left the throne to Demath, the third son of a close friend.


"He seemed much more concerned with what kind of food he would be served for breakfast than whether or not D'ni should pull back all of its people who were living in outside Ages, as some were suggesting." - Anonymous

"There was a collective sigh of relief throughout the cavern on the day he finally left us." - A manuscript that was apparently never published