A D'ni woman who lived during the time of King Solath. Shortly after 1735, when the King's wife died, Solath took her as a wife, against the advice of a prophetess. She gave birth to Solath's first son Me'erta. Solath was extremely pleased, but many in the religious community were somewhat apprehensive. According to public records she was a well-known member of The Tree but Solath denied this for all his life.[1]

When her son became a King, she ruled the throne during much of his reign. She convinced him in supporting and encouraging new cults, and reform the regulations of the Guild of Writers. According to an account, Jolatha knew how unfaithful and lustful her son was, and his lust about Ramel, a woman renowned for her beauty, and known to be a member of The Tree. She brought her to his bedroom asking a favor from him. Me'erta was reluctant, but Jolatha continued showing her to him every night. Eventually Me'erta gave in, and after Jolatha gave him Ramel, she asked in exchange to order the alterations of the Guild of Writers's Oath for her own purposes. As Grand Master Tremal adamantly opposed the King's suggestions, it is believed that Jolatha ordered his murder. Whatever the case, she was reported to be happy when she heard that Tremal was killed. However he became a martyr, and the throne gave up trying to push the reforms.[2]

In 1999 she convinced her son to break the seal on the Tomb of the Great King. Her motivations are unknown; it is believed that she was infuriated at any power the Great King had (a few believed he would return), and possibly wanted to destroy his legacy by proving that he was dead, and no more than an imposter and a fool. Others wrote that she was interested in gaining access to some of the Ancient Books buried with him, as the Tree believed they held symbolic power. Others said she was simply mad or an agent of evil. The dangerous and blasphemous act was carried out in secret, in the dead of night. A number of Books were taken and placed in the Temple of the Tree, along with what Jolatha claimed was a piece of robe from Ahlsendar's body.

She died two days later, from an illness then unknown. It was said that Me'erta believed his mother had been cursed for her action, and quietly ordered the Tomb sealed again, and much stronger. However it was too late, as these actions released Ahlsendar's Plague.[3]