To know for certain that we are sharing a world with another intelligent species-that surely is worth twice the time and effort that we have given it!
~ Aitrus

Aitrus map

Aitrus' map

Millennia after flourishing in their Cavern, the D'ni people began an expedition an expedition to visit the Surface of their Age and discover any surface dwellers.

They chose not to dig directly a vertical shaft, but preerred to cut a way through several miles of rock, at a maximum of 3825 torans so that it could be walked, and also sealed with gates and defended. The D'ni Council agreed upon this scheme.

36 young guildsmen, all graduates of the Academy and younger than 30 had volunteered for the expedition. Members of the expedition wore a dark red jumpsuit, a broad, black leather tool belt at the waist and long black leather boots.

Within 2.4 hahrtee, less than 2/3 of them had given up and were replaced.